EPISODE 3: Music

Our first interview! We talk to Elisa about performativity and vulnerability, being a woman in music, and what inspires her. (Pssst - she has been our producer for all these episodes and keeps us sounding beautiful!) Check out all her work 'cause she's the bomb - you can catch her live in NYC! 

Links we promised (we know you wanna): Art Girl Army! We love them, and if you are lady-identified with some skills to share or desire to support other artists, join them too. We also talked about GRLCVLT’s Fuck Rape Culture event a while back, which was a benefit to unseat Judge Aaron Persky. Sarah also gave a shout out to Cameron Esposito’s period joke, aka "the greatest period joke ever."

This episode was produced by the one and only Elisa (star of this episode and of our podcast souls). The music used in this episode is Nasty Grrls by Childbirth - and living in a post-nasty woman world, this feels pretty appropriate.

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Courtesy of Elisa