Faryl Amadeus, actress and queen of all trades, stops in to talk motherhood with Sarah and Katie. We got into her personal experience of pregnancy and birthing, the medicalization of it all, and masturbation.

THE LINKS: About saying your rights during childbirth; how could gravity possibly work like that (also, Squatty-Potty shoutout)!; you can eat while birthing now!; and using anatomy language with your children.

Also, some words of wisdom from Katie buried in this episode: "The shoulds and the shouldn'ts are the death of anything that makes you feel sexy."

This episode was produced by the one and only Elisa. The music used in this episode is “Nasty Grrls” by Childbirth. Have somethin’ to say? We wanna hear it. Get in touch with this boss lady team via the contact page or by emailing sexualityand@gmail.com.

Courtesy of Faryl