EPISODE 7: Growing Up First Generation

This week, co-host Arti couldn’t join us… but GUEST Arti could! Our favorite lil’ lady is talking to Katie and Sarah all about her experience growing up as a first generation South Indian woman in New Jersey – navigating cultural pluralism, living in the ass-crack of life, kissing at math camp, and getting plenty of advice from Mama Gollapudi.

THE LINKS: Arranged marriages vs. love marriages; do you believe in life after love?; the sex ed video that scared Arti for life; the trans* community in India (and more on the same); lesbian bed death; and SQUIRTING.

This episode was produced by the one and only Elisa. The music used in this episode is “Nasty Grrls” by Childbirth. Have somethin’ to say? We wanna hear it. Get in touch with this boss lady team via the contact page or by emailing sexualityand@gmail.com.

Courtesy of Arti