Molly G, comedian and doula, talks to Sarah, Arti, and Katie about abortion, shame, and comedy. She’s hosting a show TONIGHT (11/30) at UCB Chelsea celebrating her abortion and you should definitely check it out if you’re in NYC. This was also the first episode we recorded after the election, and we had some feelings about it.

Links to things we talked about, in case you need more more more: what abortion actually entails; IUDs are pretty great for a lot of folks; and Reproductive Health Access Project, the Doula Project, Lady Parts Justice, and you can find Molly’s sketch group Buzz Off Lucille.

This episode was produced by the one and only Elisa. The music used in this episode is “Nasty Grrls” by Childbirth. Have somethin’ to say? We wanna hear it. Get in touch with this boss lady team via the contact page or by emailing sexualityand@gmail.com.

Courtesy of Molly