Sexuality & was started in 2016 by Katie Behrmann, Sarah Cyr-Mutty, and Arti Gollapudi after many months of conversation about how each of us experiences the world in gendered and sexualized ways. Each episode takes on a new topic - including periods, medicine, comedy, religion, music, and yoga - and draws connections to human sexuality. Our voices range in identities, experience, and expertise, and we're unafraid to talk taboos. Catch us breaking down gender norms, busting up sex myths, and talking to our smart and powerful friends.

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Katie is a science educator, comedian, and queer virgo in her late twenties trying to straddle all of those lines in a professional and effective way. She enjoys biking around the New York, eating delicious vegan food with the exception of the all-holy bodega egg sandwich, and being in all kinds of queer places and situations. Originally from Michigan, she has a taste for ranch and penchant for giving probably terrible people the benefit of the doubt. Has a wide knowledge base of edible mushrooms and loves to dance at weddings.



Sarah is a Masshole-turned-Brooklynite who has been in varied forms of sex education for the better part of a decade. She is currently enrolled in a human sexuality graduate program and will emerge victorious with her M.Ed in Spring 2017.  For fun, she enjoys eating doughnuts, snuggling her small dog, doing sweaty hip-hop yoga, and consuming lots of pop culture. Her feet are in New York, but her heart is in New England and her soul is in Amsterdam. She is exceptionally skilled at snacking and spilling drinks.


Arti is a comedian & musician. She is a UCB performer on the Lloyd team Steakhouse. Arti curates shows that focus on diversity and intersectionality of different art forms and people. You can also see her all over NYC performing stand up, characters, improv, sketch, music, & anything else that allows her to scream on a stage.