IT’S THE EDUCATION EPISODE - PART I! We had so much to say on this topic that we’re breaking it out over two stellar episodes.

This week, we’re talking all about how sexuality intersects with education. How can we incorporate sexuality education throughout K through 12 schools? We also held OUR FIRST BOOK CLUB: talkin’ all about Purportedly Gendered Body Parts by Dean Spade. How can we make talking about bodies less-gendered and more inclusive?

AAAAANNNNNDDDD we also have YOUR SEX ED STORIES! Sprinkled in like lil’ gifts all throughout the episode. And guess what - we want more. We’re still accepting submissions to put into Part II in two weeks.

Some links we referenced: Child discovering uncles are gay; some women scientists you should know; the Center for Gender Sanity’s identity spectrum; and Purportedly Gendered Body Parts.

This episode was produced by Alana! Have somethin’ to say? We wanna hear it. Get in touch via the contact page on our website or by email sexualityand@gmail.com.

Center for Gender Sanity